Storm-fiber Review & Packages

Storm-fiber Review & Packages
June 20, 2017 K Compare

Stormfiber-review-and-packages internet - Stormfiber review and packages - Storm-fiber Review & Packages

Internet has revolutionized the world in several ways. Before the Internet could you have imagined social media, or the kind of news and magazine websites we visit today? Before going into the ideology of its revolution, I will ask you a simple question. Do you remember the sound of dialup connections?

I surely do. I remember being kicked off the network because of too many users, or being disconnected because the telephone line had too much disturbance. I remember the days of Cybernet cards that you could buy for your dialup connection. Gone are those days. If you are younger than the Dialup, you probably have no clue about these pains we have undergone to get on the internet.

But now, the game has changed. The world has moved on quite a bit. From Cybernet’s dialup, to today’s Storm-Fiber, a broadband connection, Pakistan’s Internet Connectivity market has come a long way as well. Storm-Fiber is a broadband option available to different cities including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It has been in the market for well over a year.

How is Storm-Fiber

In the old days, the key decision was pricing because speed was limited, and marginally higher speed meant a reasonably expensive price to pay for it. Storm-Fiber on the other hand, provides key broadband solutions (Fiber to Home) in three different cities, but in limited areas. From the reviews and customer comments across social media, it is by far one of the most popular broadband choices across these three cities.

The unique propositions offered by Storm-Fiber include an excellent customer response team, both for sales and technical queries. Their standard response time is within 24 hours, while their customer center takes calls 24/7. Their sales queries and installation takes a maximum of 15 days, and their teams are highly active on Social Media if in case any problem is reported on any medium, so that escalation can be done quickly and easily.

Next is their high speed, low cost packages that they offer to their clients. ProPakistani reports that there is no cap on either uploads or downloads and the speed offered by Storm-Fiber is actually applicable on both downloads and uploads. Prices are lower than a lot of other service providers and speed is tested by several customers to be the same or near to what is promised in the packages available.

Storm-Fiber invests heavily in its technical resources and research and development to provide quality services to its clients and at this rate, they made a breakthrough in Faisalabad this year.

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Strom Fiber Packages

Keeping its competition in mind, Storm-Fiber has come up with number of awesome packages that are available in the market. Some of the popular ones are classified below:

1.    Triple Typhoon Promo

In this promo offer, Storm-Fiber is providing the speed of 10 Mbps, with the initial cost of Rs. 9,999/-. This includes the installation charges and also a free three months of subscription. This package includes Internet, Television and phone. Also, please note that from fourth month, the monthly charges get reduced to as low as R.s 1,999/-.

2.    Triple Blizzard Promo

This promo has a lot to offer, for starters the speed is 20Mbps, which itself is phenomenal. The one time cost is of Rs. 12,999/-. If you just pay for installation, you get first three months free. This package also includes Internet, Television and Phone. Lastly but not the least, another key element to note is that from fourth month the charges are reduced to Rs. 2,999/- per month.

3.    Triple Thunder Promo

This last promo has the speed of 30Mbprs, which is their premium promo pack. The one time cost of installation is of Rs. 14,999/-. The same deal applies for this one too that if you pay for installation fee then you get first three months free. This package also includes Internet, Television and Phone in the promo. The monthly cost after fourth month is of Rs. 3,999/-.

Of course, the first few years of any ISP are always glory years, and then downfall is witnessed. We see that in almost all the service providers across the country. Let us see how they fare going forward.

You can always contact us on 021 – 3520-5359 for more details and options in your area.

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