TES (Transworld Enterprises Services) Review & Packages

TES (Transworld Enterprises Services) Review & Packages
June 29, 2017 Mrs. K Compare

TES review and packages transworld enterprises services - TES review and packages - TES (Transworld Enterprises Services) Review & Packages

The Company

Transworld Enterprises Services or better known as TES is one of the few companies in Pakistan that is truly a multinational connectivity service provider. It is a joint venture between TWA, and Orascom Telecom Media a communication industry giant, along with Technology Holding S.A.E, Orastar and His Excellency Dr.Omar Abdul Mone’m Yousuf Al Zawawi of Sultanate of Oman. These big names are assurance for cutting edge technology and unparalleled service to its customers.

TES has the solutions for discerning customers who are on a lookout for outclass and latest technology available in the world market, TES is the only company backed by an international network operator (Tier-1) in Pakistan.

Critical Advantage

  • By virtue of its heritage TES is the only bandwidth provider which is backed by Transworld that owns and manages submarine cable network, ensuring quickest possible access to the internet cloud
  • TES offers the most secured and reliable connectivity conforming to the latest international standards in speed and service to its fast-growing customer base. TES Worldwide infrastructure helps its customers to connect anywhere in the world. In Pakistan, TES has the trust of more than 60 largest corporations including the top Banks
  • TES offers managed and hosting service to relieve the customer of non-critical networking tasks. TES has have both internet connectivity which includes Committed Information Rate (CIR) and Shared connectivity.
  • TES has its own Data Centre which has top of the line servers in the form of Rack spaces and Virtual servers. Their network also supports Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Optical and Copper interfaces
  • TES network is monitored by a fully-integrated Network Operations Centre (NOC) which operates 24 x 7.
  • Networking experts, in association with the customer’s team are continuously monitoring their equipment and traffic patterns so that the Issues are solved swiftly and proactively.

Hence, TES doesn’t just offer internet connectivity but also cloud solutions and virtual space for small and large businesses, giving it a cutting edge against other service providers. It could be considered a direct competition to the likes of Multinet and Cybernet.

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Business Solutions

TES appreciates today’s business needs and importance of fast, secured and reliable communication in today’s competitive environment. It has therefore developed various services and packages.

  1. TES IP Transit is an Internet access based data transport service for Corporate Enterprises. The source of this bandwidth is Transworld, a Tier-I service provider in Pakistan. One of their packages provide cost effective internet connectivity solutions which is completely based on guaranteed CIR bandwidth which starts from basic level of operation and goes on to one of the top-class expectancy and accessibility.
  2. I-Connect solutions is for corporate clients that need cutting-edge connectivity solutions with definite performance. It provides managed and unmanaged connectivity solutions that leverage tier 1 backbone customized to match customer needs, may it be point to point, point to multipoint and multipoint to multipoint. TES I-Connect, offers end to end complete solutions for system connectivity, giving amplified coverage and flexibility
  3. Transworld Data Centre (TDC) is located 20kms outside Karachi in a fully owned purpose-built Telco grade building. The tier III datacentre is built inside this telco infrastructure to let companies purchase rack space and physically house equipment. For the customer, that means up to 99.995% uptime, uninterrupted power and cooling, n+n redundancies and ability to leverage the same fault tolerant infrastructure that facilitates all of Pakistan’s internet traffic

Home Users

TES understands the thirst for fast multi facet connectivity is rising with supersonic speed for home users as well. To meet this demand Transworld Enterprise Services (TES) connects the individual’s home with fibre optics to ensure ultra-high-speed internet, unlimited downloads, and a streamlined HD TV experience from TES Fibre to the Home. The lightning fast internet speed up to 50Mbps and live video streaming ensures best viewing experience. Today, the use of Wi-Fi at home is an essential need of the entire family. With 50Mbps connectivity, multiple users can log-on to their desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, pads, gaming consoles and smart TVs to experience a fast and reliable internet. Affordable packages for home users can be viewed below:

Package 1:                 20 Mbps Rs. 1,999 per month

Package 2:                 30 Mbps Rs. 2,999 per month

Package 3:                 50 Mbps Rs. 3,999 per month

Regardless, we have reviewed numerous ISPs and service providers, and amongst the ones we have reviewed, we feel TES has great potential to service the target market. This is because it covers the entire vertical including the backbone as well. This gives TES the edge that others ISPs do not have.

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