The Benefits of Getting Travel Insurance Yourself

The Benefits of Getting Travel Insurance Yourself
October 16, 2017 K Compare
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Planning a trip can be both fun and daunting, you’re geared up for all that’s coming for you – good or bad and looking forward to discovering new things during your travel. However, you can never be too careful. What if an emergency strikes and you need to cut your trip short? Or what if your luggage is lost by the airline, you lose your passport, you get injured while hiking, pop an eardrum scuba diving or simply just fall sick. Travel insurance can help you to manage these emergencies without a lot of hassle.

Obtaining travel insurance is key if you’re amongst those who travel abroad frequently, whether it’s because of work or a vacation. If you book your trip on your credit card often, you are most likely covered in some areas such as if your credit card or passport get stolen, or the airline cancels your specific flight, but a lot of medical and other emergencies are not covered- for example, the need to be airlifted if in case you are injured on a hiking trip.

Keep all the documentations, receipts and necessary police reports ready to submit to your travel insurance company in case you ever land into a medical emergency. That way, you can obtain your travel insurance immediately. From being admitted into the hospital, to medication and tests, your insurance company can cover your costs if your travel insurance has these specific clauses. In some cases, you can also avail translation service which will make it easier for you to converse with medical staff.

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Are you an accident prone person or are known for being late for everything? If you know you’re always running late, and you may end up missing your flight, you are the perfect candidate for travel insurance. Airlines are not obligated to make arrangements for you if you miss a flight. Most of them who want to keep you as a customer will do their best to work with you, but they don’t have to. That’s all the more reason to have travel insurance in your back pocket. Travel insurance can help cover the cost of cancelation and issues that may arise due to this cancelation, for example, if you miss connecting flights.

Travel insurance not only covers emergency medical treatment, as well as cancelation costs, but it is also helpful in case you lose your documents, passport or luggage. If your insurance policy has these clauses, you can claim against your lost luggage or documentation. Travel insurance companies will also help you in dealing with a lost passport, such as paying for the cost of new issuance or the cost incurred in registering a police report for the loss.

Also, going through a travel agent only cost more as they tend to get you insured for outrageous amounts that you don’t even need and charge you for it while getting a commission from the insurance companies. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply for travel insurance yourself as it only takes 5 minutes and couldn’t be easier!

There are tons of other benefits that you can obtain from travel insurance, including coverage of expenses if you lose your wallet or money, covering expenses for renting a vehicle in case the one you rented was in an accident or ends up stolen, replacement or coverage of costs due to stolen credit cards, or fraudulent transactions on your credits, and much more.

The idea is to have a travel insurance plan that helps you to avoid disruption or delays in your travel. In case you family with you, or if you’re traveling for business purposes, this policy can come in handy in several ways.

You shouldn’t confuse travel insurance with medical insurance. Medical insurance can be a comprehensive coverage that covers both hospitalization as well as out-patient services; however, travel insurance would only cover emergencies and its related costs.

If you are confused about which insurance company can provide you the best travel insurance why not use our comparison tool and find out?

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