The Best Car Insurance Companies for 2018

The Best Car Insurance Companies for 2018
May 2, 2018 K Compare
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The Best Car Insurance Companies for 2018

 As the prices of cars keep on mounting and the traffic keeps intensifying the need for a good car insurance becomes necessary. Now, there’s a tremendous acknowledgement to get the car insured in comparison to 10 years back. Car insurance has become the most essential part of the entire purchase and a provision of insurance is kept in mind. To meet the ever-increasing demand car insurance in Pakistan has grown manifold. Many a times when a person buys a car, the auto dealer or the bank if the car is leased tries to push an insurance company of his choice, this is because of two primary reasons; his commission from the insurance company or for the sake of his friendship with the insurance man.

Car insurance in Pakistan has become quite competitive. It is therefore recommended to make efforts to shortlist the car insurance company while maturing the make and model of the automobile. Buyer who is well versed with the car insurance process and have gathered best car insurance quotes cannot be pushed by the car dealer or the banker for his choice of car insurance company and the type of insurance plan.

The demand for car insurance in Pakistan has mushroomed many car insurance companies to offer lucrative deals. The mushroom growth does not mean car insurance companies in Pakistan are unreliable many of them are trustworthy. The point to be noted is the ease of process and the time a car insurance company takes to settle the claim in case of an accident or stolen vehicle. Out of many standard items you must look while selecting a car insurance company in Pakistan below are the fundamental ones:

  • Quick and convenient process of obtaining an insurance cover
  • Which car insurance has a lowest premium on a given amount, make and model of car
  • Fast and convenient filing process with minimum paper work
  • What is the maximum time the car insurance company takes in settling the claim either in case of an accident or stolen vehicle
  • Reliable and prompt customer service

Taking above fundamental requirements as a benchmark, out of several car insurance companies in Pakistan below are some of highly reputable and trustworthy car insurance companies who could be on your list while you get best car insurance quotes.

  • EFU General
  • IGI Insurance
  • Adamjee Insurance
  • Jubilee General Insurance
  • Askari General Insurance Company Ltd
  • TPL Direct
  • United Insurance

Before you set yourself to acquire best car insurance quotes, be clear in your mind what kind of car insurance are you looking for; “Comprehensive” car insurance or “Third Party” insurance cover. Although many aspects are covered in Comprehensive car insurance but still you may want to add few more clauses. Similarly, Third Party car insurance generally covers property damage, bodily injury and death only. You must also bear in mind that car insurance companies may look similar but their policies may differ slightly. It is up to you to make the final call and compare which car insurance company covers what and what is not off the shelf.


Earlier to get the best car insurance quotes a person had to physically visit or to call upon to the insurance representative. Now this can be done by visiting websites of insurance companies in Pakistan on your laptop or using smart phones. Once you are locked on the car insurance company and have compared the quotes you can now speak to the representative and try to squeeze even better deal.

A person must realize that the car insurance is Pakistan is growing, so is the competition amongst them. A little research and investigation can help the customer get the best car insurance quotes. Instead of relying on the car dealer simply spare few moments and go the web and find it out yourself.

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