The Financial Side: Working Parent Vs Stay At Home Parent

The Financial Side: Working Parent Vs Stay At Home Parent
May 21, 2018 K Compare

The Financial Side: Working Parent Vs Stay At Home Parent

It is no wonder that children are the most adorable and delicious little munchkins, an irreplaceable gift of God. The undeniable truth is that children are the best and the most important part of a family. But a lot of things change when there is a new addition to the family, including physical and emotional but, the biggest change is usually the financial one. It is very tough to figure out whether to return to work after having a baby or become a stay-at-home parent.

We wrote this guide to help out parents who are facing this dilemma so that they can think through both choices while focusing on their financial side.


As a working parent, it is a pleasure to know that your boss likes your work like your little loves to play with you but it makes zero financial sense to spend your hard-earned take-home salary on a quality daycare for your child(ren) plus traveling costs. Unless your parents step in and take of their grandchild(ren) for free then it’s worth to hang on to your job after having child(ren).

Instead, as a stay-at-home parent, you can take of your own child knowing him/her in and out and will be there for him/her in every milestone, no matter big or small. Also, you can positively impact your financial situation by working part-time, as a freelancer from home or you can even do babysitting and watch someone else’s children along yours.


Being a working parent, you have to follow an office dress code which definitely means shelling out money on business attire and dry cleaning to modernize your business closet. Especially, there are high chances that you won’t fit in your old clothes if you get back to work after having a baby. Therefore, you need to spend some more money on your apparel just to return back to your job which is an add-on in your expenses.

Being a stay-at-home parent, you don’t need to juggle between a full-time job and child(ren) hence, you have plenty of time to do laundry in your typical pajamas and shirt. Also, you don’t have to worry about squeezing back in your old clothes or buying new ones.


Leaving home early in the morning with a clamping baby on your leg certainly doesn’t give you enough time to pack for your lunch and sometimes breakfast as well. Therefore, according to their schedules working parents need to buy their foodstuff at their workplaces or cafes. These meal expenses can add up to a sufficient amount over the course of a month.

On the other hand, being in the house all day gives you the opportunity to cook all meals for the family, which most of the time will cost you half of the same meal that would cost at a restaurant. In fact, you will be able to prepare foods which take longer time to cook but will cost you less expensive than buying from a grocery store. For example, you can cook tomato puree by boiling raw potatoes instead of buying canned tomato puree. As a result, there will be a visible drop in your food budget.

The bottom line is it totally depends on the parent to decide either to become a working parent or stay-at-home parent keeping his/her financial consequences in consideration. In some cases, losing a job is unbearable for a family so they will opt to carry on with their job and fulfill their duty of providing the best to their child(ren) as much as they can. On the other hand, some families prefer spending time with their child(ren) and that time outweighs all the material benefits for them.

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