The Most Popular Credit Cards in Pakistan

The Most Popular Credit Cards in Pakistan
May 8, 2018 K Compare
Popular Credit card in pakistan

The Most Popular Credit Cards in Pakistan

To fully comprehend as to which are the most popular credit cards in Pakistan, the above caption can be viewed in two ways:

Generic; Visa or Master Card

Issuer; Bank that issues credit card

There are hundreds types of credit cards globally, however most of the credit cards issued in Pakistan by banks are Visa and MasterCard. Visa having the first mover advantaged has a wide acceptance at merchants across Pakistan. Needless to say, it is far more common and most popular with card holders. Visa is followed by MasterCard. MasterCard is largely perceived as a high-end credit card and is generally issued to high net worth customers.

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It is a tedious task to label which is the best credit card in Pakistan, it can however be safely assumed that the most popular and best credit cards in Pakistan are issued by following Banks:

  • Allied Bank Ltd
  • Bank Alfalah
  • Faysal Bank
  • Habib Bank Ltd
  • Muslim Commercial Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • United Bank Ltd

To meet the market demand, customer preferences and the needs, Banks offer various cards. The differentiating factor can be generic like Visa and Master Card or the perks/rewards and credit line associated with such credit cards. In general terms from the card holder’s stand point, the following is the list of Top 10 Credit Cards in Pakistan. These are the most sought after primarily because of low annual fee, rewards, cash back incentives and discounts at merchant vendors.

  1. Alfalah Titanium Master card
  2. Alfalah Visa Gold
  3. Allied Visa Credit Card
  4. Faysal Bank Platinum Credit Card
  5. HBL Fuel Saver Green
  6. HBL Platinum Credit Card
  7. MCB Platinum Credit Card
  8. Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card
  9. Standard Chartered Visa Platinum Credit Card
  10. UBL PSO Auto Credit Card

Now that we have a list of top 10 credit cards in Pakistan, let see why they are so popular and considered as best credit cards in Pakistan. Card holder besides having the facility of acceptance in every nook and corner of our country enjoy countless privileges at various airports, hotels and spas. Many of these cards also have the facility of point accumulation;these points can be redeemed at gas stations, thousands of merchant vendors and hundreds of restaurants.

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This is not all, these best credit cards run promotional schemes for car holders. Vacation packages, substantial discounts at hundreds of thousands of outlets, discounted airline tickets and convenient hotel bookings are some of the features associated to these top 10 credit cards in Pakistan. Similarly, several of these cards carry travel insurance for the card holder. To secure transactions and the card holder data most of these credit cards carry “EMV, Europay, MasterCard and Visa” chip. This means enhanced security against fraudulent transactions on fake credit cards.

If you are a new aspirant and planning to obtain a credit card for yourself, it is strongly advised to go for the best credit cards in Pakistan. Essentially, your choice should be to apply to the bank that has best rewards credit card preferably among the list written above of top 10 credit cards in Pakistan.

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