Things to Negotiate with Your Health Insurance Provider

Things to Negotiate with Your Health Insurance Provider
December 4, 2017 K Compare
Negotiate with Health Insuranace Provider

Many customers before buying a health insurance policy are unsure about the price range that they should be settling for and usually accept the first offer made by the insurance provider. You can definitely find better rates if you negotiate well and have done your homework.

Let’s talk about a few things that can help you better negotiate with your insurance provider and get a good deal on your insurance plan.

Negotiate Costs of Services and Ask for Discounts

The key here is to plan ahead. When you are in a middle of an emergency, you are not in your best mindset to ask for a discount where your top priority is to seek immediate help. Planning before can help you tackle with this issue. Negotiate what costs can be cut with your insurance provider in advance and do ask for discounts. Always remember that when the insurance provider gives you a policy document, it has a lot of extra services that you may not need at all. If you can get those struck out, the cost of the policy can be reduced.

How to Get a Discount on Your Medical Costs

From doctor’s appointment to billing department and facilities related to health care, they are all open to negotiation; you just have to make their work easier. It can be done in many ways for example ask them that if there is a discount if you pay them in cash. Furthermore, you can also ask the hospital if they have any policy that you can opt for that gives discount if you pay for a medical procedure in advance.

Every rupee counts when you looking to save some money. Be sure and always be open about exploring new options and make these questions your set criteria before deciding which insurance provider can give you best financial advantage. For example, opting for a group insurance can be cheaper instead of opting for an insurance policy for yourself.

Fee is not the only one thing to negotiate

Fee is not the only thing to negotiate there are other things that need to be negotiated before buying an insurance plan. What will be the authorized procedure, what will be the period specified for claims, Specified time for timely payment, and what interest will be paid on late payments. What will be the process of adding on new line of services or adding new hospitals to the plan? All these procedures should be spoken about to the agent so you can be well aware of the policy and how you can negotiate according to the answers to these questions.

Negotiate and Compare Medical Care Options available

You need to choose your hospitals by shopping around and comparing rates so you can save yourself a great deal as every insurance provider has different hospitals and clinics in their panel. There are two factors in this strategy to save money. First is the availability of service to select from different providers in your residing area and secondly whether your provider allows you to let you choose from different providers. A lot of this negotiation will depend on the type of health insurance you have.

If you focus on these top four areas while negotiating and working on finding the best health insurance policy, you are bound to find one that fits your precise needs as well as your budget. If you are still confused, feel free to use our comparison calculator and find the best health insurance plan that suits your specific needs.

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