Tips For Buying The Best Travel Insurance Policy

Tips For Buying The Best Travel Insurance Policy
May 8, 2018 K Compare
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Tips For Buying The Best Travel Insurance Policy

It doesn’t matter whether you are embarking on Europe tour or travelling for a fortnight to US for a business trip, imagine your departure date is round the corner, everything is done from paying to packing and out of nowhere you have to cancel your trip due to unavoidable reasons or your baggage is lost or stolen at the airport or you are hit by an illness or accident during your trip. This is where you should consider buying travel insurance policy and make sure that you are covered. Travel insurance is an important part of preparing for an upcoming travelling expedition.

Buying travel insurance isn’t a difficult task if you consider the following tips:-

Don’t Buy Insurance From Your Tour Operator Or Travel Agents:

When buying travel insurance never opt for the easy option by taking the insurance package offered by your travel agents or tour operators because:

  • Since they earn amazingly large commissions from insurance companies for selling their policies that might affect their offerings and you will end up spending more than required.
  • An insurance plan from them could be a basic policy which will not provide you with suitable cover for your needs.

Best travel insurance tends to be easier to shop around, compare quotes and cheaper when done online. Visit and find out how simple it is to get travel insurance. Not only you can find best value travel insurance for you or your family but you can also compare quotes which suits to your pocket.

Consider Your Travel Habits:

In order to choose the best travel insurance, it is important that you should have a basic idea of your overall travelling habits before searching for the right policy. If you are planning to get away several times once a year, an annual travel insurance policy will worth choosing as it will be covering all your sprees and will be far more cost effective. On the other hand if you stick with a single trip every year than single trip insurance is the best deal for you.

Get The Right Level Of Cover:

Each individual is different from another so are their habits and needs. Which travel insurance policy is best for you? Make sure you are aware of your requirements and situation, which location you are travelling to, in what activities you will be taking part, length of your trip, etc. Most policies don’t cover winter sports or adventure activities with a high risk, so if you are skiing or bungee jumping you may have to add these covers to you policy. Many policies have a per-item value limit, so if you are travelling with expensive gadgets that you want to insure then make sure it’s limit is high enough to cover your gadget. Cancellation policy is a popular cover for covering your pre-paid payments. For example if something inevitable happens and you have to cancel your trip then cancellation policy will cover for your paid airline tickets, accommodation, etc. Look carefully for inclusions and exclusions in your cover by your insurer and everything in detail before finalizing a policy.

Don’t Double Up:

You might have some existing coverage through your health insurance plan/home insurance plan/credit cards, like they may cover for basic medical care around the world or coverage for lost baggage (personal possessions). Hence you can exclude these from your travel insurance package and save some money. Few credit cards include basic travel insurance but it is important to understand that either that coverage is sufficient for your needs or not. In the former situation purchasing an additional coverage is essential.

Do Your Paper Work:

After buying a travel insurance policy, the biggest pitfall for a traveler is when it comes to fulfilling their claims. Policies differ in their requirements in different situations but usually you will have to collect paper work that would be needed to file a complain. If you had coverage for a flight delay or lost baggage, make sure you collect the written proof from the airport; in case of medical coverage, a doctor’s note or medical bills is essential to support your claim. To call in the middle of the glitch or ask your insurer beforehand what paperwork you might need is most important for getting the cover you bought.

Declare Your Medical History:

When you are buying travel insurance, it is essential to clearly state your medical history or any preexisting medical condition (high blood pressure, cancer, asthma, diabetes, heart problem, or arthritis) to your insurer because, many policies don’t cover for preexisting medical conditions. Hence, to avoid disappointment of your policy will not paying out, declare your medical history, and answer questions honestly. By paying a small amount of additional premium you will be insured like anyone else and allowed to enjoy your holidays with peace of mind.

Customer Loyalty:

If you are already a customer to other insurance plans for example auto insurance, health insurance, etc. you can ask for a concession from your insurance company since you are already a loyal customer. You can do the icing on the cake by highlighting the fact that another insurance company is charging less for the same package.

Beware Of Cheap Insurance Policy:

Buying cheap travel insurance sounds great but it is not always the best option because, it could cost you or a family member more when you will be least expecting it. Make certain you know perfectly what your travel insurance package covers and you or your family are completely protected in an event of trouble during travelling.

Apply For Travel Insuarnce

Don’t buy just any policy to find out you haven’t signed for the right cover adequate for your needs but choose smartly. In the end, you will be happy with your research.

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