Tips To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

Tips To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection
May 29, 2018 K Compare

Tips To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

The Internet has revolutionized the communication, information, and entertainment world like nothing before. Almost everyone relies on internet access and the ones not using them are a minority. Therefore, due to its extreme usage and demand, there are numerous internet service providers offering one of the best broadband deals and packages, however, it is important that internet connection should be secured and fast in speed because of a broadband connection with slow speed results in frustration and rage. But the good news that this issue can be sorted out it in a few minutes.

This guide will help you to speed up your broadband connection by a few simple tips so that you can decide whether it is your broadband connection or your computer and wireless hardware that is causing the problem.

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Test Your Speed:

The first step for getting a faster broadband is to evaluate the current speed of your broadband connection. If you see a huge difference between this current speed and the broadband speed you signed up for, then this issue is to be solved by calling your internet service provider. However, if you see your current speed is near to the advertised “up to” speed then it is time to perform some practical steps in your home for free. Also don’t forget your current speed as this will come in handy for comparing it with the speed you test after you made the necessary changes.

Update Your Browser:

Old version browsers can slow down downloads and take time in web surfing. Sometimes they use additional bandwidth to download and upload data. Therefore, make sure your browsers are always up to date and you are using the latest versions because generally when it comes to browsers, latest is the better option.

Reposition Your Router:

The position of your router impacts significantly on the strength of a wireless broadband signal. If it is placed somewhere where the signals are affected by obstructions such as walls, doors or interference such as electrical appliances, cordless phones, etc. surely you will suffer from slow internet speed. For an evenly-distributed coverage across the whole house, the router should be positioned in an elevated or high position for example: on the top of a bookshelf or placing it on the top of the stairs so that there is little to no interference between the router signals and your computer.

Secure Your Network:

If you have a wireless broadband which is not password protected, anyone can use up your valuable bandwidth. This means your connection is open to unauthorized users and they might be logging into your account, slowing down your internet speed as a result and it is also a threat to your personal information. Hence, make sure to secure your wireless network by setting up a strong password immediately.

For setting up a password, in your browser enter the IP address which is printed somewhere on the router and looks like this: Then log into your account with the help of admin username and password, again they are printed somewhere on the router. After logging into your account, you can select the settings and in there you can set up a password for your Wi-Fi network.

Clean Up Your Computer:

There are many applications/programs on your computer such as Windows updates, antivirus scans and application updates, instant messages applications (Skype, Facebook, etc.) and many more of these may start running themselves automatically without you even knowing it. They start using the internet as soon as you start your computer and may decrease the performance of your broadband speed.

To enhance your speed, set the applications to not start up automatically or shut down the programs you don’t want. To find out all the running programs, press ALT + CTRL + DEL on your computer to open your task manager and then close the programs that are running unnecessarily.


Switch Your Broadband:

If tweaking your router and compute doesn’t fix a thing and your current internet service provider is not providing you with the speed you desire, then switching to another provider and canceling the current contract is probably the best solution.

A new search for the best broadband deal which suits your budget seems quite overwhelming. Also, a wide range of deals and packages may confuse you. Comparing your options through Karlocompare enables you to go through all the packages and deals by best internet service providers in your area, making it simple and more suitable for you to find the fastest and the best broadband deal.

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