Top 5 Credit Cards for Movie Buffs in 2018

Top 5 Credit Cards for Movie Buffs in 2018
October 25, 2018 K Compare

Top 5 Credit Cards for Movie Buffs in 2018

Cashless transactions are fast gaining popularity in Pakistan. From dining to leisure and personal purchases, most Pakistanis now prefer card-based transactions. Although the older professionals tend to gravitate this way as well, it is mostly the millennials who are prone to avoid cash and prefer cards for their day to day purchases.

One of the top spending track in the leisure category is entertainment; namely cinematic entertainment. Movies are a big part of the average person’s downtime, and therefore Pakistanis are always on the lookout for good discounts for movie tickets and related expenses. This task has been made easy by  where you can compare credit card offers and choose the best card for your entertainment and movie needs. Below we will look at the top 5 best credit cards in Pakistan with lucrative discount and reward offers for movie buffs in 2018:

  • JS VISA Platinum Credit Card:

The JS VISA Platinum is undoubtedly the best credit card in Pakistan when it comes to cinema goers and movie buffs. It offers a whopping 35% discount on entertainment purchases, which means you can always be the first one at first day first show!

This card comes with no annual fee, supplementary fee, overlimit fee or SMS charges. The amount due is charged interest at 40%. Apart from entertainment, this credit card offers similar discounts on eateries, medical facilities, clothing & apparel as well as CIP lounge access and 0.48% cash-back on domestic purchases.

  • JS VISA Gold Credit Card:

This card offers many different perks to the holders, such as up to 30% discounts on dining, commendable discounts at medical labs, and an amazing 65% discount on hotel stays. What movie goers will find especially interesting is the 25% discount on entertainment available with JS VISA Gold credit card. With 0.48% cash-back on retail transactions and no annual fee, this credit card is a strong contender to be a movie buff’s best friend.

  • JS VISA Credit Card:

JS Bank seems to be quite fond of promoting the entertainment industry in Pakistan. The JS VISA credit card is the third card in line issued by JS Bank which offers a substantial discount in the entertainment category. With a 25% movie and entertainment discount, no supplementary card/annual fee charges and leading discount rates in other categories, this credit card is quite affordable and within reach for movie buffs with every pocket size.

  • UBL Silver Credit Card:

The UBL Silver credit card is a little down on the list because of the additional annual fee, supplementary fee and over-limit charges, but it offers attractive discounts and rewards in the entertainment category. In addition to the 10% discount offered for domestic entertainment venues (including cinemas), there are many related discount offers in international destinations as well which are presented in collaboration with VISA.

The UBL credit card also offers reward points for retail transactions, so for all the old school movie buffs, this might be your answer to save money on purchasing all those DVD’s at prime value!

  • HBL Green Credit Card:

HBL credit cards are known generally for their shopping discounts. While their fees might be a little higher than others, their lower interest rate and better offers make up for the difference. HBL offers movie goers with a 10% discount in the entertainment category as well as a reward system of a reward point for every PKR 25 spent, so cinema goers and online entertainment purchasers can both benefit highly from this card.

Apart from the top 5 credit cards as discussed above, there are a few other cards in the market which can be of help to people who visit the cinema frequently or purchase movies online. These are:

  • Silk Bank Gold Credit Card:

This card offers a 20% discount to cinema goers in the entertainment category. However, it charges an interest rate of 42%, which is higher than the competitive average.

  • Bank Alfalah Titanium Credit Card/Bank Alfalah Ultra Credit Card:

Both these cards offers a competitive reward system on domestic as well as international purchases (0.25 orbits/PKR50 domestic, 0.5 orbits/KR 50 international). This is a good offer for those movie buffs/collectors who like purchasing DVDs or streaming original prints online.

These are the best credit cards in Pakistan for movie buffs. Avail these offers today and enjoy your movie with a big bucket of popcorn and a tall cold drink!

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