Top 5 Destinations For Pakistani Students

Top 5 Destinations For Pakistani Students
March 28, 2018 K Compare
Pakistani Student Destination

Top 5 Destinations For Pakistani Students

Studying abroad has its own perks and benefits. It is a great way to advance  social, academic and language skills, whilst it also offer students exposure and confidence which is profoundly appreciated when stepping into practical life. Study overseas can enhance their university years, and will also help them to attract future employers and find better jobs. Employers look for students who have studied abroad because of their diverse skills and education.

In today’s blog I have shared the best countries of the world for Pakistani students and why those countries are best to study abroad.


Germany is a great place to study for Pakistani students as most German universities have Pakistani student societies making them feel comfortable and a little closer to home.

The country is known for studying business and hard sciences. Their education is quite efficient and involves the most modern technical studies.

It has become a popular destination among foreign students as German universities offer internationally recognized programs at a cheaper cost compare to UK, USA, or Australia. A huge number of scholarships are available that allow Pakistani students to study in Germany for free, the federal states with few exceptions, do not have any tuition fee. You can go to Munich to join a top rated international university without breaking the bank.

  1. CANADA:

Canada ranked recently as the most desirable country for foreign students, providing hundreds of institutes with impressive quality education and a degree completed in Canada brings numerous benefits for student’s career and it is globally recognized.

English is one of the official languages of Canada and also the medium of teaching in most Canadian universities. Pakistani students are English literate so it is easy for them to study their desired program.

The Canadian government offers good funds and financial aid openings for international students, also several Canadian universities offer scholarship programs.

Vancouver is among top cities of Canada for international students. It is home to world’s 45th best university.


Australia is the most popular place for international students worldwide, and with sandy beaches, sunny weather and a hassle-free outdoor lifestyle, it is no surprise. Australian universities welcome foreign students and are well organized in providing funds to them.

Australia is home to high number of best universities which offers almost every major, making it the perfect destination for sun, sand and academic success. Students can apply for up to nine courses in Australia. A number of Australian universities compete with some of the leading and top-ranked institutions in the U.S., and the UK.

Some of the best student cities in the world are in Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra are listed in the top 30 of the best student cities, best student cities tells the student’s experience which includes university environment, quality of studies, accommodation and facilities as well as leisure and entertainment.


United Kingdom is ideal for Pakistani students since English is the medium of conversation everywhere over there. As Pakistani students are English literate, they are more relaxed there.

United Kingdom has a wide variety of high quality universities, and although fees differ across institutions also which are slightly expensive but there are a lot of scholarship programs for foreign students to choose from. The UCAS permits most students to apply for up to five courses.

Numerous UK universities offer impressive scholarship programs for Pakistani students, these include:

  • Sheffield University Scholarship offers a full (100% discount) or half fee waiver.
  • University of the West of Scotland International Scholarship
  • The University of Edinburgh Global Masters scholarship
  • University of Leeds program for International Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Newcastle University School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Overseas Scholarship
  • University of Glasgow Scholarship for School of Computing Science.

USA is the luckiest studying abroad destination.  The choice of Universities in the US is quite mind confusing as it has the honor of being the home to world’s best and most top ranked university known as Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  In addition to that, world’s 3rd best ranked institute, Harvard University is also found in Boston (USA).  Moreover, from internationally renowned Ivy League institutions to hubs of innovation, whatever foreign students study here they surely have opportunities to add to their life experience.  It will not be wrong to say that there is no shortage of good educational institutes in this country.

US degrees reputation is outstanding globally which makes it even more attractive place to study and easy as well because US universities offer lots of support and amenities to students.

Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC) provides scholarships for Masters and PhD, with requirements like GRA, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL etc. There are programs originally designed by USA for Pakistani students, they work together to fund and send Pakistani students to USA.

Education is the fundamental cause of studying abroad trip and choosing the correct destination is an important factor to get the best out of that trip. If you are considering completing all or some of your studies abroad, choose your destination rationally to broaden your horizons and go overseas. BEST OF LUCK!!!!

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