Top Ramadan Deals And Discounts for 2017

Top Ramadan Deals And Discounts for 2017
June 6, 2017 K Compare

Ramadan-Discounts-and-benefits top ramadan deals and discounts for 2017 - Ramadan Discounts and benefits - Top Ramadan Deals And Discounts for 2017

Ramadan the month of spirituality is here. Muslims around the globe celebrate it with gusto, planning and prepping for the month itself. This is a busy time of the year where Iftars and Sehris have to be organized and prepared for. Even the Season Finale, i.e. Eid is a grand celebration that required months if not weeks of planning and shopping.

The retail and Restaurant industry gears up for this time of the year with the most competitive deals and discounts. They all want to make sure that they grab the audience attention and drive traffic effectively to cash in on the season.

Ramadan deals

Just like Christmas, Ramadan is the season of family celebrations. It is an excellent time for exchanging gifts as Eidi and planning grand Iftars. Grand sales are announced by airlines, hotels, restaurants, clothing, furniture, grocery stores, you name it. Wherever we take a glance; on social media, eCommerce stores, advertisements on televisions, billboards, and the internet, you see “Ramadan deals”, “Discounts available” and “Hot Sales of the year”.  A season for shopaholics when they can spot great deals to shop everywhere!

  • Shopping Deals

Pakistani Fashion industry and media advertises and plans for the Eid season months in advance. With brands launching their EID Special lines to target trendy buyers. People want to be dressed to impress on Eid and so the demand for trendy clothes; stylish accessories are high. The complete look is achieved by investing in a classic pair of shoes. As shopping is a woman’s all time favorite activity; malls are crowded Eid discounts and/or Ramadan sales are just a cherry on top!

Our team did a little survey to help you plan your Eid Shopping. Here’s a look at some popular brands and their current Eid Offers:

Eid Discounts top ramadan deals and discounts for 2017 - Eid Deals - Top Ramadan Deals And Discounts for 2017

In addition to the above mentioned discounts all of these brands are launching special Eid customized lines.

If you don’t have the time to go and shop at malls and retail stores, then the ecommerce trend in Pakistan has made your life easier. All big names in the retail industry have their own specific shopping websites available for their customers globally and locally. They offer cash on delivery services through the country. Otherwise ecommerce stores such as Kaymu and Daraz have exciting sales available for men and women such as:

Kaymu which is offering sales up to 75% on cotton embroidery, tops, lawn embroidery suits for women.

Daraz with all the top brands has sales up to 70%.

Brands Pakistan is another online place for Eid sales collection.

Secret Closet is a perfect e-closet with latest fashion exhibitions and collections of the season with review and posts.

Buy sell swap is a Facebook group where you see variety of local brands selling their Eid collections. If the budget is limited then this page is your premium choice. Another alternative is Sheops.

  • Sehri and Iftari Deals:

Surf the internet for restaurants and you get to know various iftar and sehri deals. Most restaurants are offering specialized and customized menus for iftar and sehri for the entire family.  Here are some amazing options for you to choose from:

Sehri and Iftari Deals top ramadan deals and discounts for 2017 - Ramadan Deals - Top Ramadan Deals And Discounts for 2017

If you are a go-getter and you enjoy spending time with your family at iftars and sehris, then the long queues outside restaurants should not scare you. There are a lot of options for everyone to choose from depending on your budget and the number of outings you plan for yourself the entire Ramadan.

For those of you who want to give goodies and services packages to your helping hands, Imtiaz, Chase Up, Hyperstar all are selling different grocery packages for you to choose from, ranging from PKR 1,200/- to PKR 3,500/-. For the ones who are fond of e-commerce, multiple sites such as QnE are also offering similar packages.

Travel agencies and hotels have also come up with multiple discount packages, top ranging being Umrah packages. Check with if you’re interested.

We hope you have a blessed Ramadan with your families and you can make use of the fantastic deals offered by brands. Happy shopping and Eating out!

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