Top Tips And Tricks For Cheap Auto Insurance Companies In Pakistan

Top Tips And Tricks For Cheap Auto Insurance Companies In Pakistan
June 17, 2018 K Compare

Tips and Tricks to find a Cheap Auto Insurance Company in Pakistan

How can I reduce my auto insurance expense? How would I find a solution to expensive auto insurance? The cost of insurance is getting unbearable each passing day, what should I do? These are some of the pertinent questions asked by everyone seeking a viable car insurance. Considering the fact that car insurance is the most important element and it cannot be ignored, a person has to find a way to buy cheapest car insurance available in the market.

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We must also realize that insurance rates will not go down, therefore what can be done to ease this expense which superficially looks an additional burden on our wallets. We must also appreciate that there is no hard and fast rule or a formula to reduce car insurance premium. However, by following some of the simple tips the cost can be reduced to some extent.

  1. Safest and the fastest way to find a cheap auto insurance company is surfing on net. There are considerable number of insurance companies who offer several packages for car insurance. Whenever a person plans to buy a new or a used car he must investigate the going insurance rate for a particular make and model. Although insurance companies have somewhat fixed percentage but the amount varies on the cost of the car, the accessories and after market addons.

Relying on one insurance company or being dependent on the car dealership is no less than a suicide. This is recipe for a disaster and at the end you will end up paying a lot more. It is therefore important that you compare the rates and various packages of several insurance companies. Without a proper comparison and hard negotiation, a person will never be able to find out real insurance cost.


  1. People often feel intimidated or embarrassed while negotiating. Since you are paying for a service or a commodity it is your right to negotiate. Therefore, there is no reason to feel shy, negotiate as hard as you can, after all this is your hard-earned money. It is observed that good negotiation skills bring down the cost at a fair level.


  1. Further, the rate or the total cost of insurance cover also largely depends on the make and the model; insurance cost for Mercedes, Audi or BMW will have a high premium in comparison to Toyota, Honda or Suzuki even if the cost of the vehicle is the same. This is because of scarcity and exorbitant cost of spares. Therefore, when you decide on the make and model of the car make right appropriation in your budget for insurance. Needless to say, add the cost of the insurance, this will give the clear cost of initial investment that a person will be making towards buying a new car.


  1. For such customers who already have a car insurance and are about to renew the old one must not forget to asks for “no claim bonus” provided the car did not met an accident, or repairs were carried out by the owner. No claim bonus will help you reduce the insurance premium for the next insurance year considerably. Do keep your insurance papers at a safe place to claim such a discount.


  1. Once the car insurance company is shortlisted keep the appropriate amount to pay in full. Staggering the premium cost quarterly or half yearly will jack up the cost to a sizable level. Insurance companies have different slabs for yearly, quarterly and half-yearly premiums for the same insurance packages. In addition, if for any reason you have forgotten to pay the premium on time if it is quarterly or half-yearly installment not only you have left your car vulnerable but the process to buy the insurance needs to be started again.


  1. While it is not recommended but a person has the right not to include the accessories such as an expensive audio system, DVDs, navigation system or aftermarket add-ons in the insurance cover. Such accessories raise the premium cost quite high. If your car is generally parked at safe place or is chuffer driven such risk can be taken.

As stated above there is no one rule to buy cheap auto insurance, there are many factors that help you to get an insurance cover at a good market price. Getting cheap car insurance is a process, above tips will certainly help you to get an insurance cover that justifies your needs and the budget.

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