Travel Insurance Policy and What It Covers

Travel Insurance Policy and What It Covers
May 19, 2017 K Compare

Travel Insurance Policy and what it covers travel insurance - Travel Insurance Policy and what it covers - Travel Insurance Policy and What It Covers

Traveling has become easier over time, and with countries promoting tourism, it is increasingly becoming a passion amongst people around the world. It’s no longer just a luxury; it’s a fundamental part of your experience as you grow up, it is a necessity for your business development and for millennials it is a lifestyle statement.

With the increase in the frequency and duration of travel that people want to undertake, it is advisable to buy travel insurance. Whether you’re traveling alone or with family, for work or for leisure, your travel insurance can keep a lot of your unexpected travel expenses in check without causing any travel interruptions.

For example, imagine you are traveling with family and your child gets injured or you went trekking and hurt yourself. What is the next step to take in a country you perhaps don’t know much about? How do you pay for this unexpected expense? How would this impact your overall budget?

Now imagine you are traveling alone and you lose your baggage or even your passport. How do you make this work? Who do you contact? Who pays for the extra amount you incur to procure the emergency travel documentation?

A reliable travel insurance policy can take care of all of this and more for you. Depending on your requirement such as nature of travel, and your budget, Insurance companies in Pakistan offer different levels of coverage for each type of traveler.

Each insurance company has a different set of coverage for their travel insurance plans , whose cost is formulated after taking into consideration three things:

  • Alone or with Family
  • Age group
  • Days of travel

Before deciding on policy to buy its best to compare travel insurance plans being offered in the market. This way you can decide which policy will offer the best coverage features. To help you evaluate, here is a summary of what generally is being covered by Insurance companies under different travel plans:

Travel Insurance Policy Chart travel insurance - Coverage Chart Final 1 - Travel Insurance Policy and What It Covers

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Habib Insurance offers Habib Travel Protect, Worldwide cover excluding USA and Canada Cover, Worldwide cover including USA & Canada cover, Schengen Cover, Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat Cover, and Group Cover, Jubilee Life insurance has a VIA Travel Care Insurance Policy, Domestic Travel Insurance, Travel Accidental Insurance policy, Group Travel InsuranceHaj/Umrah plan, Ziarat Plan and Student Travel Plan. EFU general Insurance offers two policies; Student Travel Insurant Policy and International Travel Insurance Policy.

It’s best to read the fine print for all of these insurance policies as they may sometimes miss out on important areas of coverage such as medical conditions, lost passports, and more. You could always use Travel Insurance comparison tools to find which travel insurance is best for your need and fits your budget.
Some additional items to watch out for when considering a travel insurance policy include:

  • A comprehensive Travel insurance must always cover emergency medical problems, theft and or loss Cash/Travel documentation or luggage
  • When going for an adventurous vacation make sure your travel insurance does not exclude dangerous excursions such as skiing, scuba diving, trekking or even motorcycling. Ask your insurance provider this in specific and read the terms and agreements.
  • Emergency services such as ambulances and flight back home must be included in your travel insurance
  • With changing times and racial attacks on the rise, make sure your child’s student travel insurance covers assaults
  • You have to know if your insurance provider provides you cash free services for medical expenses or would you have to reimburse these upon your return.
  • Incase you have to reimburse your expenses then you have to find out what documentation is required beforehand. Otherwise without the right documentation available it would not be possible to get your reimbursements.

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