Travel, Shop or Eat: These Credit Cards Can Help You Save!

Travel, Shop or Eat: These Credit Cards Can Help You Save!
July 7, 2017 Mrs. K Compare

Travel, Shop or Dine - credit cards that help travel, shop or eat: these credit cards can help you save! - Travel shop and dine - Travel, Shop or Eat: These Credit Cards Can Help You Save!

Having a credit card can help you save money, provided you use it responsibly. Using the card responsibly to pay for things that it rewards you on like air tickets, dining at your favorite restaurant or buying that new clothing article you have been eyeing can help you save money. Credit cards now give you a lot of benefit if you use them wisely. Many credit card providers in Pakistan provide their respective holders a variety of discounts on dining, air tickets and at retail brands.

Travelers: If you are big on traveling, credit cards can offer you benefits by giving you air miles each time you spend. You can accumulate air miles and then redeem them against purchase of tickets or hotel bookings. Doing this will allow you to subsidize your costs when it comes to your trips, either on your tickets or your hotels.  Furthermore some cards provide discount alliances on the purchase of an airline ticket. The cards elicited below offer air miles and may give you discounts on other travel and non travel perks.

Dining: Whether its dinner with your better half, or a family celebration, paying with your credit card can end up saving money on the total bill. Credit cards these days offer a host of discounts at some of the leading dining options available around town. These discounts offer pretty decent savings over the course of the year. For example if you eat out at least once or twice a month and you choose to eat at the restaurants where your credit card has a discount offer, you can look to save up to at least Rs. 7,000 to 10,000 in savings over the course of the year.

Shoppers: If you are someone who likes to go on a shopping spree every now and then (especially around bonus time) then these cards can really help you reduce the burn rate of your bank balance. The arrival of retail culture in Pakistan has brought in the concept of fixed prices. This means unlike before you can’t bargain in stores, therefore it is best to use that  plastic in your wallet to reduce the sticker price of that new fashion, electronic, accessory item you have been vying. If you to choose to use your credit card for retail therapy, make sure you  have the cash to pay it off – avoid using debt to pay for items that have no economical return or value.

Credit cards can unleash immense value for you provided you use them properly. Using your credit card intelligently and objectively will actually attribute in positive results. At the same time  paying the minimum payments against what you have borrowed or paying the bill late will result in charges and accrued mark up costing you way more than what you borrowed. Be smart and take advantage of the benefits your credit card provider offers you.

Smart Bano, Compare Karo!

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