We are happy to announce our Angel Investors

We are happy to announce our Angel Investors
June 1, 2016 Karlo Compare

Welcoming our Angel Investors we are happy to announce our angel investors - Welcoming our Angel Investors - We are happy to announce our Angel Investors

Karachi, Pakistan: KarloCompare.com.pk has secured its first angel funding from Hina Khawaja Bayat and Roger Dawood Bayat to build operations. The valuation remains undisclosed.

Roger Dawood Bayat will join the company as the Chairman of the Board to help direct the team in building out operations. Since launch KarloCompare.com.pk has also added to its advisory board, Farid ul Haque and Muhammad Rehan Qadri. Farid will provide strategic guidance to the team and board of directors, whereas Rehan will provide guidance and oversight in building scalable financial technology products for the company.

Karlocompare.com.pk launched about 3 months ago and since then has gone on to establishing partnerships with leading insurance providers such as Jubilee General Insurance and EFU General Insurance, with other partnerships in the pipeline. The platform shows the entire range of credit cards, personal loans, broadband packages and travel insurance. At the moment the website hosts a total of 266 products and services across multiple product categories that are live. Other product categories are to be added in the very near future.

“Buying personal financial products in Pakistan can be a tedious process. With Karlocompare.com.pk, Pakistani consumers will be able to discover and easily access personal finance products that match their requirements. We are confident that our efforts will help consumers in making more informed decisions about the financial products and services that they consume”. – Sumair Farooqui, Co-founder

“A service like KarloCompare.com.pk is beneficial for both consumers and product providers. It allows the consumer to make an informed, independent choice at a bargain price. Since these are not physical products that one needs to feel, touch or see, it allows someone like myself access to them without the hassle of going out there and finding the best option suited to my needs. KarloCompare.com.pk  does that for me! And for many women out there who want to make independent choices, particularly regarding their own finances, KarloCompare.com.pk will make their lives easier by giving them all the options in one place.” – Hina Khwaja Bayat.


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  1. Kashif Naseer 4 years ago

    I’m very happy for Ali and his team. You guys are doing great job with your consistent creative approach. Doubtless to say that this is going to be another successful project!!
    Good luck!

  2. Sohail Akhtar 4 years ago

    Very helpfull and benificial services,helps to compare the product available in the market,at bargain price.
    Thanks karlocompare.

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