What Does ‘Customer Experience’ Mean to KarloCompare?

What Does ‘Customer Experience’ Mean to KarloCompare?
July 30, 2018 K Compare


We often hear and mention the term “CX” or “Customer Experience” in our everyday discussions and clearly it impacts massively on a company’s revenue and success. However, when you start exploring it you will find a myriad of definitions and approaches to this topic. Every other person will give you a different definition of this subject.

“Customer Experience” is much more than simply providing a good quality product or service to the customers, instead it’s an entire environment which is useful, easy-going, and enjoyable from the starting to the end of customer’s journey provided by an organization or a company to their every valuable customer. In simple words, it is an interaction between a company and a customer throughout their relationship on any platform in such a way that fulfills the expectations of a customer which is promised by the company.


KarloCompare is a leading comparison website in Pakistan, which helps people to discover and compare personal finance, insurance and telecommunication products, and services in their locality in less time and less money. For us, the customer experience begins with the customer journey on our website which is very easy to navigate. The website offers all the information regarding their products and customers can easily refine their search, compare, and purchase without any hassle.

All aspects of the sales process, starting from the submission of application to its approval, from automated status responses to the final status updates are designed and anticipated in such a way that they make the whole experience for the customer which is not just nice but it is also memorable. Our partners are trusted and exclusive. We only work with A-listed banks, insurance, and telecommunication companies and skillfully manage the coordination between them and the buyer to enhance customer satisfaction. Some of our partners include:

  • EFU insurance.
  • Jubilee insurance.
  • Adamjee insurance.
  • Optix
  • Standard Chartered Bank.
  • Bank Islami.

Our company receives numerous phone calls and queries about our products on daily basis. We don’t address to their queries as simple “product question”, instead we strive to understand the context or the reason for that call and return to them with our feedbacks to constantly improve our interactions through that particular call.

At KarloCompare, our aspiration is to maximize customer satisfaction. We not only ensure to find the best products for you with unbeatable prices, but seeking attention to the more important issue: the customer’s perception for our products is our top priority. Every single member of our company is passionate and responsible for maintaining strong customer experience not by just communicating but, by truly embodying an excellent customer experience.

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