What is Bank Alfalah’s Orbit?

What is Bank Alfalah’s Orbit?
November 18, 2017 K Compare
Bank Alfalah Orbit Credit Card

Bank Alfalah has introduced a new way of banking. This is not any ordinary loyalty program. Points earned are named “Orbit” and you can receive them through multiple products. The amazing thing about Orbit is that you are not limited to grossing Orbits on only credit cards. Which means that any product or service that you use, you are eligible to receive Orbit points. And based on those points, you have the option to redeem them! That’s quite a win-win.

You can get these points when you are using credit or debit card, on different types of loans such as auto, personal or home loans, SMS alerts, online banking, ATM transactions, transactions through branches, investing in Bank Alfalah’s investment products and more.

There are tons of ways you can gather Orbit points or in short, Orbits. Even simple activities like internet banking on your phone or tablet, and paying your monthly bills through your bank account, can get you more Orbit points. Here, we explain to you some key areas and ways to earn your Orbit points and redeem tons of benefits:

Alfalah Orbit Rewards

In order for you to become a basic tier member, you need to have up to two Bank Alfalah products, other than a debit or credit card of the bank.

Alfalah Orbit Rewards 3

In order to go to Orbit three, you need to register for any three suitable products of your choice other than having a savings or current account with Bank Alfalah.

Alfalah Orbit Rewards 6

You can reach to Orbit six, if you register for six products of your choice with Bank Alfalah, and have either a savings or a current account.

Alfalah Orbit Rewards 9

Same conditions apply for Orbit nine, where you have to sign up for nine products of the bank.

Other benefits include a multiplier. You can earn a multiplier on total number of Orbits earned conditional on the total number of products that you hold with Bank Alfalah. What you need is just a current account or saving account in Bank Alfalah with the combination of three, six or nine products in order to earn bonus of 25%, 50% or 100% of entire Orbit earned during a month.

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How to trade in Orbits

Now that you have earned Orbits, you can trade them as well with the bank, and earn some benefits. The following channels are available to trade your Orbits with the bank:

Internet Banking/Alfa:

You can log on to online Internet Banking or the Alfa app for the following:

  • Use Orbit to make bill payments
  • Transfer your Orbit points to other customers
  • Buy more Orbit

Call Centre:

You can redeem your Orbits by contacting Bank Alfalah’s call center. The call center representative will guide you on how you can redeem your Orbits.

Orbit Mall:

This is the bank’s online redemption portal. You can access it by logging onto internet banking or Alfa and redeem Orbit anyplace anytime. There are tons of benefits available on Orbit Mall. Tons of gadgets, electronics and appliances, bedding and home goods, leather items like handbags and wallets, lifestyle items like watches, mugs, pens, discounts on dining and fast food, travel related discounts on tickets, and discounts on shopping are available through Orbit Mall.

If you were to compare other reward programs with Bank Alfalah’s Orbit program, it has a lot to offer than the standard programs available with other banks. You can use our comparison tool to see which credit or debit card you would like to avail from Bank Alfalah for the most traction and Orbit points.

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