What To Do Right After You Get Mugged?

What To Do Right After You Get Mugged?
February 21, 2018 K Compare
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What To Do Right After You Get Mugged?

When you’re getting mugged at gunpoint, it’s impossible to contemplate or do anything consciously. One just screams or suffers from a mini heart attack since the entire episode leaves you dumbfounded. You just ensure that the mugging ends as soon as possible and you return to a safe place.  As soon as it is over and you see that the robber has left you alone you finally regain your senses.

After the entire mishap, what you need to do is follow the list below:

Step 1:  Do not panic

Getting robbed while you have other plans is only a mountain of stress. You end up losing your valuables, credit card/debit card, identification card, driving license, cash and all you have that looks valuable to the robber. However, time is essence here and you need to act as fast as you can so you minimize the damage of the theft. Panic will only make it worse which is precisely why you need to keep calm.

Step 2: Cancel all your cards

Today may be the 80% of population stick to carrying less cash and more cards. If you’re one of those people then make sure to get your cards blocked as soon as possible, since any delay may result in major loss of your cash. Call the bank helpline and get going ASAP!

Step 3: File a report

A very bad habit of Pakistani’s is that we don’t really make an effort to file a report after a misfortune. Sometimes robbers are only interested in cash and tendon disposing of ID cards and other irrelevant things that might be of little or no use to them but means a lot to the victim. So, they take what they want and throw what’s left in a dumpster which can be returned to you if you have filed a complaint. Another thing that the police can do is, tracking the robbers by using any CCTV cameras around. It’s crucial we report the crime to the police and not just ignore the fact that you’ve been looted.

Step 4: Track your cellphones GPRS

In this tech-savvy world today it’s not very difficult to track your lost goods. There are so many newly developed apps that can be of use while finding the location of your cell phone, but they can only be helpful if you install them beforehand. Again, you have to act as fast as you can because if the muggers are clever enough to switch off your cellphone then these apps won’t be of any use. Moreover, if you can erase all the information by using different apps, that can be really helpful. As sometimes a person has saved very confidential information in their cellphone notes, social media passwords and documents. Contact CPLC immediately so they can also track where your cellphone could be, they have a website and helpline number there.

It’s no surprise that losing so much to a mugger is nothing but heartbreaking but all you need to do is that act a little smart and work your way to a better reaction.


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