Which Broadband Device is Best for Freelancers on the Go?

Which Broadband Device is Best for Freelancers on the Go?
October 23, 2017 K Compare
Best BroadBand device for Freelancer

Are you one of those people who have plenty of work to deliver? Or are you a freelancer who has to make sure that the needs of your clients are met? If yes, then you probably need a high speed internet connection! Let Karlcompare help you to find what you have been searching for!

To begin with, having a fast internet service is basically a necessity for everyone and not just freelancers. A fast speed internet clearly means that you will have a smooth browsing. For instance, if your client needs a certain blog to be written in matter of hours, how will you do your research if your internet connection is giving you a tough time?

Apart from flawless streaming, one can quickly download large files from an email, or upload videos without any delay. Software updates can be done in matter of minutes, plus one can also upload photos and videos on the email you’re sending to your client. If you wish to go live on Facebook or have a video conference with your client you wouldn’t want disruptions, freezing screen and horrible sound quality. You can also stream live on Facebook and provide the best quality of audio and video to your followers without getting disconnected or interrupted.

Here are few broadbands that fit best for any freelancer, scroll down and have a look!

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Zong 4G Wingle – 50 GB:

Zong 4G Wingle is one of the top options available for a high-speed internet with limited usage. Zong offers a great speed with amazing customer service and minimal downtime that means flawless streaming and file downloads in the matter of minutes. If you’re looking for high speed internet but are limited to under 50 GB of usage, we highly recommend the Zong 4G Wingle.

  • Monthly charges: PKR 2000/-
  • Installation charges: None.
  • Device charges: PKR 2000/-
  • Total cost (for first month): PKR 4000/-

Wi-tribe Unlimited 3 Mbps:

Wi-tribe is one of the most popular internet providers in Pakistan. This 3 Mbps package by Wi-tribe is the cheapest package available on this list. It offers reasonable download speeds that are suitable for daily downloads and it won’t be heavy on your pocket. You can even get it delivered to you, within 3 hours through Karlocompare! Wi-tribe is also widely known for amazing customer service so you can definitely give it a shot.

  • Monthly charges: PKR 1699/-
  • Device charges: None
  • Installation charges: PKR 500/- with an additional PKR 1699/- as refundable security deposit.

PTCL Charji EVO Cloud – 50 GB:

3G and 4G packages have become extensively well known in Pakistan ever since their release. PTCL Charji EVO cloud is no exception, the 4G wireless broadband service is one of the fastest internet connections that you can get. One definite feature of this device is that the battery lives up to 5 hours of constant usage which means working from anywhere on the go. If you’re looking for an internet that is super-fast then you know this is one of the best options.

  • Monthly charges: PKR 2000/-
  • Installation charges: None.
  • Device charges: PKR 3500/-
  • Total cost (for first month): PKR 5500/-

So why wait? Get yourself a faster, better internet connection today!

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