Which Credit Card is A Foodies Best Friend?

Which Credit Card is A Foodies Best Friend?
July 26, 2017 Mrs. K Compare
Which-Credit-Card-is-A-Foodies-Best-Friend Which Credit Card is A Foodies Best Friend-Karlocompare

Every once in a while, we end up using our trusted credit card to spend generously on something we want but can’t afford! But for foodies, their credit card receipts mainly include extravagant dinners and glorious lunches from restaurants anywhere and everywhere.

Anytime a foodie finds themselves tempted to try out something new on the menu, their credit card allows them to fulfill their wish and fill up. This makes their dining experience all the more convenient and enjoyable! However, this can sometimes be a little damaging to one’s pocket. We at Karlocompare decided it about time someone showed foodies the way to attain the meal of their dreams, but still be light on the pocket.

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Here are 6 credit cards that offer the best discounts on various restaurants. Read more and find out how you can eat more and more often, while saving up on your money as well:

Bank Alfalah

Bank Alfalah’s credit cards offer a range of discounts on many popular, high-end restaurants along with some cult-favorites. If one enjoys more sophisticated meals or specific cuisines, Bank Alfalah’s credit cards are to definitely satisfy one’s taste buds as well as save some cash!

Discounts offered nationwide

  • KFC                   : 15% off on all cards
  • Arizona Grill   : 10%
  • Burger King    : 10%
  • Roasters          : 10%

Discounts offered in Karachi

  • Café Zouk           : 10%
  • Del Frio               : 20%
  • Bella Vita            : 20%
  • Red Emperor     : 15%

Discounts offered in Lahore

  • Lahore Social          : 20%
  • The Café Upstairs  : 20%
  • The Pastry Shop     : 20%

Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

Apart from Bank Al Falah, if one chooses to enjoy light-hearted lunches at exquisite cafes or have a hearty, full course meal at a burger joint, then with the help of numerous discounts offered by Habib Bank; that could really entice one’s dining experience. However, if fresh croissants and coffee is what one desires then some discounts are available for that too. The list of fantastic discounts is mentioned below:

Discounts offered in Karachi and Lahore

  • Burger King                       : 10% on Green Credit Card
  • Butler’s Chocolate Café   : 10% on Green Credit Card, 15% on Gold Credit card
  • Café Aylanto                      : 10% on Green Credit Card, 25% on Platinum Credit Card
  • Café Zouk                           : 15% on Green Credit Card
  • Cinnabon                            : 20% on Platinum Credit Card
  • Cosmopolitan                    : 20% on Platinum Credit Card
  • Dunkin Donuts                 : 15% on Green Credit Card
  • Espresso                             : 15% on Green Credit Card
  • Hardee’s                             : 15% on Green Credit Card

Faysal Bank

While the discounts available on restaurants are limited, Faysal Bank provides one of the largest proportions of discount among other banks. This means that you get to enjoy delicious burgers and pizzas for way less!

Discounts offered nationwide

  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee   : 15% on Gold Cards, 20% on Platinum Card
  • Fatburger                     : 15% on Gold Cards, 20% on Platinum Card
  • Domino’s Pizza           : 15% on all cards

Standard Chartered Bank

Take advantage of the greatest proportion of discounts from Standard Chartered’s credit cards! Have a feast with fresh out-of-the-oven pizzas and grilled burgers while saving a significant amount of money!

Discounts offered nationwide

  • Pizza Hut            : 25% off on Titanium Cards
  • Fatburger            : 20% off on all cards
  • Domino’s Pizza  : 40% off on all cards

Summit Bank

Summit banks helps you enjoy discounts on local restaurants as well as popular, international food chains. Treat yourself to a wonderful, warm brownie sundae from DelFrio or take the family out for a fantastic dinner at Bar.B.Q Tonight. Check out the discounts below:

  • Broadway         : Pizza 15% off on all
  • DelFrio             : 15% off on all
  • Bella Vita         : 15% off on all
  • B.Q Tonight    : 15% off on all

So, if you like spending on food through your credit cards, are a foodie at heart, go for it, use these credit cards and save up, while enjoying to your heart’s content or log onto the site and compare features of numerous other credit cards and personal finance products.

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