Why A Good Health Insurance Policy Is Important?

Why A Good Health Insurance Policy Is Important?
October 25, 2018 K Compare

Why A Good Health Insurance Policy Is Important?

There is no doubt that all types of insurances; life, property, travel and health should be on top of everybody’s budget. Until now the least favored type of insurance was medical insurance in Pakistan. However, the public have started realizing the importance of health insurance in Pakistan, and the awareness of a good health insurance policy is increasing each passing day. Among several other factors the rising cost of health services is one of the key reason as to why people are seeking health insurance cover.

By law, it is mandatory for large commercial organizations to subscribe health insurance for their employees. This type of insurance may have some limitations therefore a person must first look into his insurance needs and see whether he requires a supplementary insurance cover for himself, or his immediate family and dependents.

What is the best way to have a good health insurance in Pakistan? The key to this answer is a thorough research and comparison between several insurance companies and their packages. This can be done in person and by visiting the websites of well-known insurance companies. Once the primary data is gathered then a person to person meeting with the insurance company representative or an agent can take place for specific requirements and the premium costs.

Below are some of the key features that make a health insurance policy a “good medical insurance in Pakistan” and why it is important to have it

  • No insurance is a good insurance unless the process to file the claim is convenient and the settlement is quick. Hence, it is paramount that before buying a health insurance the buyer sits with the insurance company or its agent and understands the entire claim process and is fully satisfied. You must appreciate that the reason to buy a health insurance is a peace of mind and financial assistance that should be available in the first instance


  • An insurance policy can be graded as a good policy if it covers all aspects of medical services in Pakistan. In other words, it should cover clinical visits, clinical investigations (tests, biopsies etc) surgery and hospitalization. The buyer must also find out from the insurance company whether a hospital near to his residence is in the approved list in case there is an emergency in the middle of the night


  • In general, insurance cover is limited to immediate family (wife and kids). If you have an elder in the family dependent on you like parents, uncles or aunts; a good insurance policy must cover them too. This may need a little extra premium but it’s worth the while. Do have them included to have a wider coverage in your insurance plan


  • A good insurance plan must also cover the insured while he is out of town. This feature particularly is very significant for those who travel a great deal for business or leisure. At the time of purchase this is a pertinent question that must be asked with the insurance company or its agent. If the insurance company do no cater to this clause its better to shop more and see other options


  • Since health insurance in Pakistan is still in its infancy there is a possibility that company may have some limitations on pre-condition. Therefore, persons having any sort of pre-condition must also ensure that the insurance company is willing to insure them with that illness. Otherwise the whole purpose of medical insurance will be lost meaning such health insurance cannot be termed as good insurance plan


The most important point to remember is that there is a thin line between a standard and a good health insurance in Pakistan. A slight alteration to the standard clauses that suit your needs can make a huge difference. So when you plan to get a medical insurance it is pertinent that you first jot down your specific requirements and then start shopping for a reliable insurance company and a policy that conforms to your needs and requirements.

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