Why Using A Financial Aggregator is Better than Going to a Bank

Why Using A Financial Aggregator is Better than Going to a Bank
October 17, 2017 Mrs. K Compare
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It is no surprise that we get to see new things in this ever-changing world. Every day there are new discoveries, new startups, new businesses and new technological breakthroughs.

Every individual wants things to be easier, quicker and on their fingertips. With the world using technology and internet for everyday tasks, from groceries to banking, it is no surprise that financial aggregators have come into being.

A financial aggregator is a website that informs you about financial products, their offering institutions and details of the services and offers. From banks loans and credit cards to insurance, financial aggregators give you comprehensive and complete information without the hassle of visiting each individual institution yourself.

Websites like nerdwallet.com and karlocompare.com.pk are one of a kind, they’re here to help every individual who’s undergoing a predicament of ‘which bank to settle for when comes to fulfilling their needs.’ Here are few tops reasons of why you should opt financial aggregators over the exhaustion of going to the bank.

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The satisfaction of staying at home and enjoying all the perks of just clicking and finding your desired information sounds fun right? You follow the simple steps on a website and ta-da! All the information is right in front of you without putting the effort of actually leaving the house. It saves you time and you get the details of exactly what you need. How many of you are willing to move from one bank to another in search of the right one when one click would make it all so much easier.

Financial aggregators combine all the relevant information related to specific products and services under one umbrella. They even provide calculators and comparison tools for easier comparison between these products and banks.


Financial aggregator websites exhibit products from numerous banks and financial institutions, along with what they can offer a customer. All you need to do is have a look and compare various banks and see if their offer suits your needs. The things you can learn include comparisons of the offers as well as products, installments, terms and conditions, as well as requirements.

Comparison tools are often part of these aggregators allowing you to run an easy comparison between different products and organizations. Some banks offer a specific amount of maximum loans and other give you a certain amount of instalment options – you can evaluate all of these conditions through a financial aggregator.

Requirements and Terms:

If you have a startup or a small business and are looking for a personal loan, financial aggregators can help you tremendously. Everyone has a different need; a financial aggregator website is going to show you all the offers and you can pick and choose from them with respect to a personal loan.

If you call up a bank, there are two or three key ways the call may play out, they may not take you seriously because your need could be smaller than they would like to cater to; they would take your requirements seriously, but continue to hound you to avail a loan from them; or may give you an incomplete answer that does not fulfill your need for information. You can shortlist your specific bank, to avail a personal loan, after going through details and terms directly on the financial aggregator.

Understanding Products, Services and Offerings:

Apart from zero hassle and quick responses, one can very easily dig out information related to different products and services that each bank has to offer. From offers to terms, these websites have a lot to offer. But beyond that, these aggregators have tons of tips, tricks and informative articles that give you good evaluations and comparison of different products as well as services. Based on that, decision making becomes so much easier.

In conclusion, it is much more advisable to visit a financial aggregator on your laptop or even your own phone so you know all the details about the product without a salesman up selling his product. This would help you not only select the product that is right for you but also have peace of mind, with no buyer’s remorse.

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