Why You Can’t Go Wrong If You Choose StormFiber

Why You Can’t Go Wrong If You Choose StormFiber
September 11, 2017 Mrs. K Compare

Ironically, the very company that is taking the whole of Pakistan by storm is known by the name of StormFiber. Since last year, there’s been a growing chatter within the corners of Karachi and Lahore regarding the fantastic, never before seen services provided by this company. Now that StormFiber has officially started providing its services in three of the major cities which are Karachi, Lahore and now Faisalabad, it seems like there’s lots in store for this venture!

Are you curious to see what everyone is raving about regarding StormFiber?

Are you interested in availing the benefits of this company’s services?

Here are all the reasons why choosing StormFiber may just be the only decision you won’t regret!

  1. An Internet Faster Than The Flash

One of the most attractive features of any StormFiber package is the fact that it provides the fastest internet speed compared to all other existing internet service companies in Pakistan. What else can you expect from a brand started by Cybernet? Three of its popular packages provide download speeds ranging from 10-30 Mbps, which is something they don’t just claim but actually, effectively deliver. The fact is that StormFiber allows Pakistani citizens to download television shows and movies within minutes. Not only that but it allows one to stream YouTube videos without buffering every 10-15 seconds. WIN!

The best thing about StormFiber’s internet services is that it’s not a false promise like other companies. When they say they’ll provide their customers with high speed internet, be sure they mean it! A lot of their online reviews effectively mention that their speeds are topnotch and not empty promises.

  1. Affordable Monthly Charges

Another feature that’s worth appreciating is the fact that StormFiber’s packages include high initial costs but lower monthly costs. Considering they charge for setting up the whole system, paying around PKR 2,000 every month for unbelievably fast internet, high quality television content and phone line is a pretty solid deal! Moreover, StormFiber seemed pretty intent on offering its customers discounts from time to time. This year, in celebration on Pakistan turning 70, they held massive discounts on their service packages which proved to be quite successful and beneficial.

The important thing is that in comparison to other companies, StormFiber provides high quality services at generally lower rates. This is way better than other companies in Pakistan that charge around PKR 4,000 and above for services that only efficiently work sometimes.

  1. Effective Response Team

In case of any issue, a proper team of StormFiber employees has specifically been assigned to help you out. This team is known for its timely response and effective help. Moreover, their social media pages such as that on Facebook reply to messages almost immediately and seek to provide assistance on any problem. Unlike current internet service providers in Pakistan where a complaint takes hours to get registered, acknowledged and solved, StormFiber is known to do it within minutes. They also have a helpdesk on their online portal where you can log your complaint, or call on their call center. Moreover, their representatives are present on most of the popular online groups where they try to assist you with your problems, in case you decide to register your complaint on such a forum (for example, tech-aches is a popular group on Facebook, and a few representatives are always present there to help out!).

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  1. Highly Reliable

Don’t let downtime upset you! StormFiber is a self-diagnosing ISP that will help troubleshoot and prevent any problems from slowing down or ruining any customer’s streaming experience. It is this company’s reliability and capability of performing efficiently or even before time that makes this the perfect place to be a customer of!

  1. The Magic Of Fiber Optic

Another significant and unique feature about StormFiber is that it has brought out the latest technology to Pakistan-the fiber optic cable. This is an advanced cable that allows an increase in the speed at which signals are received and given. Not only that but this fiber network has been designed to automatically detect any loss in connectivity. This way StormFiber takes a proactive stance and seeks to finish the problem before it gets out of hand.

  1. Three In One Offers

Right now, the company has been offering three fantastic affordable deals for the individual who wishes to give these StormFiber’s devices a new home. What is unique about these is that these promotions have been created in such a way that it encompasses all three major forms of entertainment- television, landline and internet that customers can benefit from.

Looking at all the number of benefits offered, one can definitely conclude that choosing StormFiber is one decision you definitely won’t regret!

If, however, you are still indecisive, you can always compare some of the broadband services available in your area to choose from.

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