Why You Should Have A Faysal Bank World Credit Card?

Why You Should Have A Faysal Bank World Credit Card?
October 3, 2017 Mrs. K Compare

Faysal Bank defines its World Credit Card as ‘More than just a Card’ as it unveils a world of luxuries to its customers. You can avail countless benefits and treats with FBL World Credit Card and enjoy the brighter side of life, filled with comfort and luxury. The basic idea behind the launch of this card was to provide customers with an exclusive global reach and enhanced lifestyle. Once you become Faysal Bank’s World Credit Cardholder, you will be exposed to the realm of extravagance, with greater travel, lifestyle and other facilities available to you.

Here we have a review of Faysal Bank’s credit card for you. If you’d like to know more about the rewards, cashbacks, fee, and more, then read on:

Value Added Services offered by FBL World Credit Card

FBL World Credit Card members can enjoy innumerable facilities and discounts. One of those is the smart chip facility which does not only store a hefty amount of data on your card, but can also save all your personal information like your ID card number, medical history and records, and other details. This could greatly help you in the future as all your useful info is stored in the card which is easy to carry around the world!

With Faysal Bank World Credit Card you can easily spend and enjoy across the globe. With such global reach and acceptability, you have an access to more than 24 million establishments around 210 countries. Besides that, you can also use your FBL World Credit Card in thousands of locations within Pakistan. This includes restaurants, shopping centers, cafes and much more.

FBL World Credit Cardholders can also avail cash advance facility which enables the members to avail 50% cash advance of their total credit card limit. However, if you have more than one Faysal Bank credit cards then you can use up to 50% cash advance of the shared credit limit. Along with this, members of FBL World Credit Card can also benefit from dial-a-draft, multiple relationships and balance transfer facilities, to name a few. There are numerous other offers and facilities that you can avail through your Faysal Bank World Credit Card.

Some other benefits include paying school fee on three easy monthly installments which allows you to streamline your expenses better, and all of this at zero markup rates.

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Redeem your Rewards to avail Free Shopping

Faysal Bank’s ‘Swipe and redeem’ policy makes its World Credit Card stand out amongst others. By redeeming reward points, card members can easily enjoy free shopping, dining, apparel, fuel, travel, furniture and much more. You can get your hands on discounts in countless locations and renowned stores across Pakistan. Up to 50% discount is available across 100 brands across the country.

In addition, you can also benefit from Faysal Bank’s ‘International Spend’ facility. While traveling you can get guaranteed double reward points simply by swiping your FBL World Credit Card at any international establishment. Not just that, you can even convert your reward points into air BlueMiles and get domestic and international tickets, absolutely free! You can also avail access to the CIP international lounge in Karachi if you hold the Gold Card.

You can earn one reward point for every PKR 50 spent by using Faysal Bank World Credit Card. Likewise, you can earn 1 reward point through international purchases if you spend PKR 50 abroad while using your FBL World Credit Card.

Fee Charged on FBL World Credit Card

The annual percentage rate (APR) and balance transfer rate (BTR) for the FBL World Credit card is 3.25% and 2.7% per month respectively. The credit card holder is charged an annual fee of PKR. 15,000.

Faysal Bank’s World Credit Card is another one in the league of credit cards providing top benefits and rewards. However, if you are still evaluating which credit card to go with, you can check out our appraisal guide available for everyone.

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