Wi-tribe’s Introduces 4.5G LTE in Pakistan

Wi-tribe’s Introduces 4.5G LTE in Pakistan
November 6, 2017 K Compare
Wi-Tribe 4.5 LTE

What’s the recipe of making a beef steak? How many calories does an apple-pie have? How to fix an acne mark? How does a carburetor work? Am I going to die of cancer? From finding the answers to the most absurd and embarrassing question or queries, to online shopping, completing assignments and so much more, everything is being done on the internet nowadays. To bring fast speed internet connectivity, tons of service providers have been working day and night. However, Wi-tribe is the first network in Pakistan that has introduced 4.5G speed and superiority in terms of internet connectivity.

This service is capable of delivering comparably best speed than any other dominant LTE providers. Customers can now avail high speed streaming and downloads of large amount of file attachments, video calling, and live streaming of channels in HD quality without even buffering to online gaming at the count of seconds.

The details of Wi-tribes LTE packages are as follows:

Postpaid starter:  This package ranges from 50GB to 90GB and its prices start PKR 1499/- to 1999/-. This package is primarily for those customers who have been using a Wi-Tribe connection and are planning to convert to LTE. The activation charges are on normal days, PKR 9999/- but as a limited time offer, the prices have been slashed to 4999/-.

Prepaid: This package is similar to the postpaid starter; the only difference is that this service is prepaid. You can get up to 50GB at the price of 35GB only for PKR 2299/- and 90GB at the price of 60GB for PKR 2799/-. Also a limited time offer is available for the activation charges.

Postpaid INFINET Package: This package is for those users who want something more than that offered by postpaid starter packages. WI-Tribe proposes these users with postpaid INFINITE. The packages start from120GB to 150GB and go all the way to 500GB starting only from PKR 2249/-

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Elite Package: This package is designed specifically for those who are never satisfied with the speed of other packages; they should get their hands on this elite package. It offers the data volume of highest amount ever on any Wi-Tribe offers. The package is definitely for those who have to send and receive high volume of data and customers who tend to stream HD content a lot. It only comes in one size and shape 1TERABYTE only for rupees PKR 5099/-

One of the finest packages introduced by Wi-Tribe is their 1TB data package which comes in very handy for customers playing with large volume of data. For activation simply go on Wi-Tribe’s internet package section and get started!

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