Work From Home Jobs That Pay More Than A 9 To 5 Job

Work From Home Jobs That Pay More Than A 9 To 5 Job
March 28, 2018 K Compare
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Work From Home Jobs That Pay More Than A 9 To 5 Job

It is a common misconception that 9 to 5 jobs always pay more than “work from home” jobs, although it is true for most cases, not all office jobs pay more. Here are fifteen work from home jobs that pay more than a nine to five job:

  1. Software developer is the first that comes to mind of course. Since software developers don’t need to interact with many people to go about their business it makes them ideal candidates for work from home jobs. They make approximately $75,000 a year.
  2. Writer is also a widely known work from home job. The only thing a writer needs is his laptop and peace and quiet to do his work, plus a nine to five jobs don’t exactly spark creativity so that makes it perfect for the serenity that can only be found at home. The salary range for a writer is between $30,000 and $85,000.
  3. Graphic designer is yet another job that requires solitude. Graphic designers mostly work with images, videos and typography to create aesthetically pleasing visuals for electronic media and since it’s mostly done on a computer it is perfect for working at home. The salary range is between $30,000 and $60,000.
  4. Project Manager is a position in which the person is responsible for the initiation, planning, design, overseeing, managing and closure of a project. It is a job that can be done from home in comfort although you may have to pop into the office every once in a while to maintain relations with your team. The range of the pay is between $65,000 and $105,000.
  5. An Actuary works mainly for insurance companies and analyse statistical data to determine the risk and liability of a situation. It is possible for them to work from home as well. According to “The majority of actuariesare employed in the insurance industry, and deal primarily with risk”. They provide the statistical probability of events that may occur in future (such as accidents or natural disasters), and advise managers on how to reduce financial impact of such events.’ The salary of an actuary is around $96,000 per year.
  6. Accountants have one of the highest reported rates of job satisfaction according to Payscale. To be an accountant a person may require extra credentials for this job, the average salary and flexible work options usually make up for it. If you like calculations and numbers are your forte this job is for you. Their average salary is between $40,000 and $110,000.
  7. Product Designers are expected to create thoughtful and appropriate solutions to design challenges as well as, according to Business Insider, “producing engaging experiences using sketches, storyboards, and prototypes, and translating wireframes into composites.” The pay is between $50,000 to $70,000 and can be done from the creativity magnifying fortress that is your own home.
  8. Virtual Assistants, they’re practically personal assistants except they’re not close enough to go get your coffee. They work from where ever they want and basically answer emails and phone calls, do data entry and other simple tasks to help lift the load off of their superior. Their pay is between $25,000 and $55,000.
  9. Utilization Manager is a fully home-based position. It involves supporting health plan development from policies as well as cost analysis and services. This job requires an MD degree and at least 3 years of experience in clinical practice but it pays about $90,000 per year.
  10. Senior business analysts have a bit of a tough job to say the least. They not only have to document business and functional requirements according to what the client asks for but must also recreate incidents that may help the company in debugging, create test cases for use in QA testing and perform those QA tests so modifications can be made if need be. Their pay is between $57,000 to $90,000 per year.

Although these are mostly standard level jobs, there are quite a few executive positions that are “work from home” as well. These include:

  1. Medical Directors, who are responsible for the recruitment and management of Physicians, Nurses, Caregivers as well as various other non-medical personnel. Besides that, these directors must also oversee various practice activities to make sure that the quality of medical treatment in the facility is top-notch. Their pay is around $220,000 dollars per year and can be done from the comfort of their own home although they may have to pop in at the facility from time to time.
  2. Government Affairs Directors, according to they, “Directan organization’s policies and objectives involving local, state, and federal government affairs. Their primary task is to sustain and cultivate relationships with government and its related committees and protect the organization’s interests. They oversee corporate strategies and ensure that are not in direct conflict with government laws. Monitor legislative and regulatory activities, promotes company market position.” That’s a mouthful to say the least, their pay is around $110,000 and it is possible to do their job from home.
  3. Chief Executive Officers (CEO) are the “Top dogs” of their companies, they must decide on major corporate decisions as per what is best for the company. Also, they have to manage the resources and operations of said company with efficiency so that all the projects are completed on time and none of the company’s resources are uselessly wasted. As if that wasn’t enough on their plate, they also act as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations. They are paid around $200,000 a year and their job can mostly be done from home but on quite a few occasions they will have to handle things in person.
  4. Regional Vice Presidents are mainly responsible for managing the regional sales processes for their company for example using sales strategies that would result in an increase in productivity and help with profitability in the company. Sales programs are also a big part of their job since they must minimise the use of company resources and maximises business contracts. Their job can mostly be done from home and pays approximately $150,000 dollars per year.
  5. Vice President of Marketing is a hefty position, they have the brand development of the company on their shoulders which is something that could make or break the success of a company, they must also oversee a team of people who have to push those initiatives consistently without fail. The pay for this position is about $160,000 and can be done from any workspace except when you have to meet with your team face to face, for that you may have to commute to work.

Those were 15 jobs you can do from home that pay more than 9 to 5 jobs, although a few of them will take a few years to work up to they may be worth it for you. Happy Job hunting!

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