This section acts as your reference for some technical terms you might come across when researching on how to get a broadband in Pakistan. If you need more information on broadband? Check out our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know before applying for a broadband connection.

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Mbps is the download speed of internet you have subscribed to i.e. per second speed of download. The speed quoted is usually an indicative speed and the same may vary based on the time of the day and the source through which you are making the download. Internet speed usually vary based on the number of active users at the time of the day or night.

Most Internet connection speed are quoted in download speed in Mbps. Download speed may be explained as the time it takes to download a particular file from an online source.  

Upload speed may be explained as the time it takes to upload a particular file to an online source/email. 

Installation time is the time it requires to install the internet connection in your home or office space. Installation charges usually apply to fixed line connection or wired internet.

Security deposit refers to the amount charged by the internet service provider for setting up the internet connection for the consumer. The security deposit is held by the service company to cover the charges in case of default/non-payment by the consumer.

Wifi Router is a device used to convert a fixed line internet or wired internet into a wireless connection. The router gives out internet signals so that multiple devices may be logged into the internet simultaneously.

The device cost is a fixed cost the internet service provider or telecommunication company charges for the wifi device or router. The cost is usually charged as a one-time initial cost.

USB Dongle or Cloud is a wireless internet device given by internet service provider or telecommunication company. The device gives out wireless internet signals.

Download limit is the maximum amount a consumer may download (per montly cycle) using the internet connection provided to him by the provider.

The fair download policy is usually stated with an unlimited download connection. The fair download policy states that a consumer should not misuse the internet connection. The comes with a maximum download limit and terms of disconnection if the service is misused.

Postpaid connection refers to the service provider charging a fee after a specific term cycle (usually 1 month) of use of the internet.

Prepaid connection refers to the service provider charging a fee prior to of use of the internet. The amount charged may be fixed or variable depending on the terms of contract between the service provider and the customer.

A DSL connection is a high speed connection that uses the same wires as a regular telephone line.  Internet service providers/telecommunication companies deliver this service simultaneously with wired telephone services on the same telephone line or connection. 

Is a form of broadband connectivity delivered via the infrastructure previously used by television cable operators. It is integrated in the cable television infrastructure analogously.

Fiber optic internet connection is the fastest technology in internet connectivity. Fiber optic are dedicated connection to your home or office.  Fiber optic may cost more to install than regular cable or DSL connections.

This is a point to multi point distribution mechanism used in fiber optic connectivity. Service providers use splitters in the fiber distribution network. These splitters allow one single fiber line from the internet service providers central office to serve multiple homes and small businesses.

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