This section acts as your reference for some technical terms you might come across when researching or buying Car insurance in Pakistan. If you need more information on car insurance? Check out our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know before applying for car insurance.

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The insured value or sum insured depends on the market value of the vehicle. Under insurance or over insurance occur when this value is not properly mentioned.

occurs when sum insured is higher than the market value, maximum compensation is the market value of the vehicle.

occurs if sum insured is less than the market values, you are as self-insuring the difference. In the event of a loss, you will only be partially compensated.

is applied when you suffer damage to your vehicle which is under insured. Your claim will be reduced proportionately by the uninsured portion, e.g. if you have insured your vehicle up to 70% of the market value, the insurance company will only pay 70% of total repair cost.

This is the widest form of cover; the client is protected against financial losses of all kinds, accidental loss to vehicle, theft of car and third party liability claims on him or her.

The client is protected against all financial losses due to accidental damage liability of all forms to third party, property damage or bodily injury, death or both.

The cover meets the minimum legal insurance requirement. In this cover, the insurance company offers you protection against financial losses due to liability of accidental bodily injury or death to third party.

Insurance company offer accidental death or injury benefit for insured, spouse and the entire family of individual clients, in addition to comprehensive insurance of motor vehicle.

This is an offering that covers accident death for the paid drivers. Usually such covers are part of insurance policies for commercial use.

This is a very popular cover that protect passengers against accidental injury or death benefits while traveling in motor vehicle.

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