United Bank Limited commenced operations on November 7th, 1959 in Pakistan, United Bank Limited (UBL). UBL was one of the first Pakistani banks to open its international branches in London, United Kingdom. UBL has a strong track record in Pakistan with an asset base of over PKR 1 trillion built over a 50 year period.

UBL Credit Card

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UBL Credit Card Offers

UBL credit card comes with exclusive discounts and rewards for the credit card users all around the world. With karlo, explore the exclusive UBL credit card offers that are exceptionally designed by the experts to provide finest payment solutions.

UBL Credit Card Apply Online

Karlo provides a free platform to apply for credit card online by giving a comprehensive comparison. With ubl credit card apply online; you can enjoy the hassle-free experience of getting the desired card.

UBL Air Miles Credit Card

UBL air miles credit card takes the lead in providing exceptional discount alliances, welcome gifts and other salient features to its valuable customers across Pakistan. Compare credit cards to know the top Air mile credit cards in the market today. You are just a click away.

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Love traveling? Find A Card That Helps You Subsidize Your Next Trip

If you enjoy traveling these are the cards for you. Air miles cards reward you with points that you can redeem for travel perks, such as discounts on flights, hotels, and in some cases free tickets and complimentary nights at a hotel at one of your favorite destination.

In most cases you will be required to  contact the bank before you can redeem your air miles. Generally the bank will only permit to redeem the miles against the purchase of a ticket or booking of a hotel. Each bank/provider will have their respective process.

In most cases you will be eligible to earn air miles on all the transactions you conduct on your air mile credit card. However, some transactions may be exempt. The bank will notify you through their welcome pack on what transactions will be considered for air miles.

When you find the right credit card that matches your needs, you need to ensure that you meet the minimum criteria of the bank offering the card. Some of the general minimum criteria's for banks are as follows

  • You must be a minimum age of 21 years for a primary card, and 18 years of age to qualify as a supplementary card holder 
  • Have a valid national ID card (CNIC)
  • Have a stable stream of income, by virtue of being a salaried individual or self employed.
  • Have good credit standing and not be in default of any loan or credit facility from any financial institution.

All banks have their respective policies and procedures. Look at our more info section for the card of your choice to evaluate whether you meet the requirements of the card that you like.

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