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Health insurance provides you with cover against any unforeseen medical expenses.  Like car insurance covers your car if you get into an accident, health insurance will cover you if you fall sick or happen to get injured. Health insurance even covers doctor’s visits and tests before you get sick or are admitted into a hospital.

However, health insurance does not cover a hundred percent of your costs every time, as it is dependent on your plan and the hospitalization limit being offered for that plan. It is designed to pay your medical bills up until your assigned limit.

Health Insurance Guide

KarloCompare offers a complete health insurance guide to assist Pakistanis in selecting reliable medical insurance. Compare different health insurance plans and see which one suits you the best.

A health insurance is a type of insurance that provides you with a range of coverage to protect you and your dependents against unforeseen circumstance and incidents. The coverage of health insurance is valid for one year. The type of health insurance and coverage depends on the plan you select and the amount of premium you pay.

The health insurance to get will be determined by who are being covered individual or a family which will determine the amount of premium you are required to pay. You may choose the plan that best suits your budget.

The type of coverage being offered under each health insurance plan may vary depending on the type of plan and the insurance provider you select. However, some common items covered under each plan would be Surgical Fees, Operation Theatre Charges and Daily Room and Board to name a few.

Premium for health insurance is charged as a fixed amount at the start of the insurance plan. The amount is calculated by the insurance company based on who is being insured and their age. The premium varies depending on which insurance company you select. Some insurance companies may be able to offer lower premium than others.

If the hospital is on the panel of the insurance company, you can get your tests and room charges charged on the card provided by the insurance company and not have to pay in cash. However, if the hospital is not on the panel list, you would have to pay your bills yourself and send the receipts to the insurance company to be reimbursed.

In such an event you will have to pay the difference between the limit assigned by the insurer and the actual cost. However, this is still better than having to bear the entire cost of the treatment.

It depends on the insurer. However, there are insurance providers who assign individual limits to each family member, and there are other policies that are designed where a family limit is assigned. We offer both types of plans.

There are many exclusions, each insurer may have their own respective list of exclusions. It is best to review the exclusions for each policy type. We list the exclusions under the ‘more info’ tab to make life easier so you can review them before making a purchase decision. 

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